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Facebook Hack = Big Deal

The recent Facebook hack was a little different than what we would expect. Normally when a hack happens our passwords are compromised, and we have to change these details in order to protect our information.

This hack was different because all our information was taken but without our passwords being used due to the way the information was collected. The details that were taken, were Name, Age/Date of birth, Recent locations, Recent photos, Check in details, Religion, Language to mention a few.

There a few reasons why this is a big deal. Firstly, and most importantly this is your personal data and when you use a service like Facebook you expect that your information should be protected and secure against a such attacks.

Secondly hackers with such data can use it to make them sound more authentic and this will help them sound more believable and if it sounds like a real company or business then you are more likely to comply with what they are asking for.

Hackers use this tactic all the time and it is called Whaling. They pick high level employees at a company and after they have done enough research on a person they use this knowledge to create creditability to make a senior person in a business to execute a process that has a large payout for the hackers.

Over the next period keep an eye out for this type of attack and be careful not to disclose information until you are sure of the source. Through this link you can check if your account was hacked in the recent attack to Facebook.

Like always if you have a question for us here at Stability please send us an email to info@stability.ieand we will help you.

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