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Did Game of Thrones have the same impact as a Cyber Attack?

Earlier this month the final episode of Game of Thrones aired on a Sunday night leaving fans on this side of the pond with a dilemma. Either they stayed up till 2am to watch the show and let this have an impact on work on Monday or they played hide from the spoilers on social media.

In the US alone they reckon that 30million people will have missed work on the Monday following the finale of GOT, which means one in every ten people will have missed work that day.

If the season finale of Game of thrones can have that impact on your business just think of what a Ransomware Cyber Attack will have.

For some companies the GOT Finale would not be an issue but for some smaller companies this could be a bigger issue. The difference however in a cyber-attack and a GOT finale is that everyone in your company can be affected. So not only 1/10 but 10/10 employees are unable to work.

100% of workers compromised - unable to work

100% of customer affected

100% of Orders that can’t be processed

100& of your reputation at risk

Cyber is the biggest threat to your business in 2019 and at Stability we want to prevent that from happening to you. As a way of helping you, we have organised a free event for you to attend that will teach you how to avoid attacks and how to act in the event that you do get attacked.

Location; Croke Park 27th of June 2019

Time; 7am-9am

How to register;

Places are limited so please book your place today!

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