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5 IT Trends for 2019 for SMB

Based on conversations with our clients and on what we see in the market here are 5 trends that we think will impact your business in 2019 and what you should keep an eye on as you get ready for 2019.

More Remote workers

2019 will see an increase in remote workers. As a way for companies to offer better and more flexible working conditions, those with the ability to offer the facility of working remotely will. This will increase productivity in most cases and give a greater work life balance. However, any business that offers this will have to be aware of the increased risk that comes with having a mobile work force and will have to put policies and technology in place to manage this.

Cyber Security

We will see an increase in the spend on prevention of Cyber security breaches. This will come in different ways such as software and employee training etc. Also, the introduction of GDPR on the 25thof May 2018 will have an effect of how business handles customer data and will want to protect this as much as possible due to the Large fines (up to 4% of Turnover) attached.

Move from Back up to Business Continuity

Traditionally when a business did back up there was only a focus on making sure that the business was fully backing up their information and if they were lucky, they checked once a year to make sure it was backing up. Business continuity will focus business on the process of getting back on line after a server goes down. As time is key to these incidents it is important that you can spin your server up not just on a new server but in the cloud in the event that your servers have been completely destroyed. Business will be focused on the shortest amount of time to get back up and running in order ot have the smallest impact on their clients.

IoT and Big Data

IoT and Big Data will remain a focus for a lot of business. As we give away more and more information in order to access apps and use services companies will use this information to analysis and develop more applications and directed marketing towards us. As much as we will want to use this data we of course have to be careful about how we handle this information and what we do with it once we are done with it.

AI on the rise

The rise of AI will take a big jump this year, we have seen in the past few years that this technology has made slight impacts on business in the way of chat bots etc and this year will see this technology take some further steps. How far will we actually allow it to go is still yet to be seen but the carful use of AI will have massive positive impacts on the right businesses in 2019.

There you go, what do you think of our list? Did we miss anything that will effect your business in 2019?

Let us know in the comments below.

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