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Treating your business like family

‘’My business is a like my home, I have built it from the ground up and my employees are like family to me.’’

This is how we hear people speak about their business all of the time. This is a very good way to look at the business and the people who make it what it is.

Keeping this analogy going, if you have a house you would make sure that you would have all the doors and windows in place. Making it more secure and keeping everything inside feeling much safer and secure.

However, like most people we know that this is not enough to keep us safe because there are people out there trying to take advantage of us, just looking for any weakness that they can exploit. To prevent this, we get an alarm put on our house as a deterrent to any potential attacker.

Although that is a good level of security, what happens if the alarm goes off and no one is around? What is the procedure that protects what you care about? Do you have the expertise to stop an attack as it starts?

Understanding this we realise an alarm by its self is not enough. So, they install a monitored alarm that constantly monitors the house if you are in the house or not and alerts you of an incident. They can send people to help depending on the emergency and if you are not around they can alert other friends and family of the issue at the house.

At Stability we look at your IT in the exact same way.

Your windows and Doors are the basics like your Network security, Mobile device management, Email and Data management, Files, customer data.

Your standard Alarm are things like your firewall, your security, Infrastructure management, Cloud management.

Your monitored Alarm, that is our Monitoring and support packages. We are the people watching over you even when your asleep. We fix issues and stop would be attackers getting at what is most important to you before you even know there is an issue. We monitor the things that monitor you.

Stability are always looking for new families to join, we bring a high level of expertise and I am 100% sure we can help keep you and your employees as safe as houses.

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