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Your anniversary date is an opportunity

Over the weekend our very own Stability Technical Ninja Ross celebrated his birthday. We won’t disclose his age, but let’s just say he is no longer 21 years old that’s for sure.

Anniversaries of any type are good times to reflect on what you have achieved and if it was what you thought you would achieve, could you have done more?? Did you over achieve?

Personally, I try to do this coming to the end of every year, normally the gap between Christmas and New Years.

I sit down and take a half day and only focus on myself. I have a look at what I wanted to achieve during the year and have an honest conversation with myself and see where I ended up.

Now if you are running a business you probably need to do this over many different areas. You probably look at sales or revenue as your number one and then probably at what you spent money on;

  1. Straff

  2. Marketing

  3. General operation cost

  4. Legal cost

  5. Accounting or returns

  6. Etc etc etc

Then finally you get somewhere right down the end and you will have IT or technology on the list. Outside of a laptop and an office license companies can forget the power of IT.

What if I told you that IT can help with all the areas that you care about when running a successful business and IT should get further attention on your review schedule.

This is probably not entirely surprising to you, but your probably not sure exactly how it can help so rather than risking it you have decided to just run with what you know best. Well that is where we come in, We can help you.

IT can help in many ways from taking manual labor away from your team, making the business more agile and profitable. Overall IT can remove costs and give you more time back to increase your number one review item, revenue.

We are currently helping companies do their internal reviews and suggesting how they can streamline their business using IT. Contact me today even if you have an existing IT Provider and we can do a 3rdparty review of your processes and help you with an IT solution tailored for you.

If you are interested in talking more about this, please contact me right now through 01-551 2550 or email me

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