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Are you struggling with outdated infrastructure?

When you started your business you bought what you could afford to get you started, something that would do the job but not put you under much financial pressure as you focused on making an impact on the World. However that piece of kit that has been serving you well over the first few years is now out of date and becoming slow, unreliable and your weakest asset, while remaining mission critical.

According to CIO Review 80% of critical services are running on traditional infrastructure. Modernising your infrastructure can seem very expensive and time consuming but without this investment your business will always run below its potential.

There are a few things that are helping make this type of transformation while reducing costs and allowing you time to transform.

1. The emergence of cloud services is reducing the amount of infrastructure needed to be purchased and managed on site. Not all businesses can go full cloud deployment and these companies find having a mix of on premise and cloud services, known as a Hybrid cloud environment, is the way that they prefer to go.

2. Managed Service Providers (MSP) like ourselves help remove the complexity of your IT environment. We can give you the most up to date knowledge and solutions no matter what type of environment you want to run. With an MSP running your environment you are assured that you are running the best version of software and hardware available and if you chose to go with a monitoring solution you have someone watching your environment day and night fixing issues before they become issues at all.


---- What are the benefits ----

  1. Using a Managed Service Provider

Use a trusted IT service provider to ensure you are running the most cost effective and efficient environment possible. After an initial period of transition the MSP route is the most cost effective over the long term. This guarantees a modern and Security focused solution.

2. Using Cloud where possible

Cloud is making business more agile and easier to manage. Cloud applications can be easily updated and as they are also run and secured on the cloud there is no need for Servers and patch management and no downtime while you fix issues.

If you are reading this and you’re interested in saving money with a long term solution that will make your business run smoothly give us a call today on 01-551 2550 or use the contact page

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